Welcome to my website. There is a lot on offer across the site from mediums offering private readings to Spiritualist Cards with inspired prayers and readings to information about online Spiritualist Events. If you are a medium or a Spiritualist Venue then I can offer advertising services and booking services. If you are looking for a medium either for an event or a reading then you have come to the right place. Take some time to browse my pages through the menus and let me know if there is anything I can help you with in your own Spiritual Journey or business.

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Daily Events Subscription

To receive a list of what Spiritualist services or events are on each day online across the world to your inbox, on messenger or WhatsApp.

Subscribe through this website for £5 a month.

Booking Secretary Services

I offer Booking Secretary services to Spiritualist Churches and Organisations from £5 a month. Take the hassle out of arranging mediums and covering cancellations. For more details Annual payment for Church Booking Secretary

FindMeAMedium hosts some mediums websites. This enables you to find out about mediums in details prior to you making bookings with them. To view their websites click here – Mediums Websites

Mediums Website Services

Be a part of this website advertising your own mediumship services. You can have up to 3 dedicated pages for advertising your mediumship, readings services etc.

All setting up and technical elements will be done for you.

The monthly cost of £5 covers the initial set up, regular updates to your pages (you provide the information you want updating), the secure web hosting costs and advice and support for your pages.

Mediums Online Directory

To Find a Medium or a Spiritualist Venue on my Online Spiritualist Directory – https://findmeamedium-directory.com/

If you need support being added to the Online Directory as a Medium please complete the online form – GDPR mediums advertising permissions form

If you would like your Church / Spiritualist Organisation to be added to the Online Directory please complete the online form – Form for Churches/Centres to be added to Open Churches List